Information blocks

- XML exchange now processes fields with dimensions and product marking.
- Fixed issue modifying the field MODIFIED_BY when updating a section.
- Fixed issue filtering by prices in the template bootstrap_v4 of component catalog.smart.filter.
- Fixed issues found in basic templates of component catalog.element.
- Fixed issues on the page of section property binding.
- Improved performance of \Bitrix\Iblock\Component\ElementList class descendant components.
- \CIBlockSection::Update performance improved.
- Component news.list performance improved.
- Fixed issues found at Quotes admin UI.
- Fixed issues copying workgroups.
- API: API_CODE field processing now moved to API (\CIBlock).
- API: element object ORM performance improved.
- API: methods add, update, delete of \Bitrix\Iblock\SectionTable throw exception when used. Use old kernel API to modify information block sections.
- API: fixed issue when the method CIBlockSection::GetList generated invalid query when filtering by section element properties.

Polls and Surveys

- Fixed minor issue using MySQL8 database.
- Fixed time zone issue when exporting poll results.
- Other minor issues fixed.


- Added new button for extensions.
- Fixed issue opening absence chart.
- Fixed issue changing worktime in a work schedule.
- Fixed issue opening app slider.
- Search feature minor issues fixed.
- Fixed issue selecting time zone in user profile.
- Fixed issue joining a workgroup with invitation available.
- Fixed issue applying custom menu for all users.
- Fixed issue inviting an online store customer to Bitrix24 account.
- Fixed issue setting knowledge base as workgroup main page.
- Other minor issue fixed.


- User agreements now support links to text items.
- Fixed UI issues.
- Fixed issues in new user fields.
- Controllers can now receive data in JSON format.
- Improved new components and custom fields API.
- Component main.ui.grid now supports adding strings without restarting.  
- Minor UI issues fixed.