Information blocks


- Now multiple elements can be assigned with IDs when group actions are performed on lists of elements.

- Modified selection interface for "Bind to sections" property type at the list page.

- Improved performance for list of elements in the split display mode.

- Now section list can show "Description" field.

- Added option to reset iblock cache upon start/end activity date of elements.

- Fixed issues found in the component catalog.smart.filter.

- Fixed issues found in basic templates of the components catalog.element, catalog.top, catalog.section.

- API: now supporting ORM when handling information block elements.

- API: added filtration by arbitrary product fields and warehouse amount to the components-descendants of the class \Bitrix\Iblock\Component\ElementList.

- Improved compatibility with PHP 7.3.

Commercial Catalog


- Now multiple product fields can be changed in items list.

- Fixed calculating minimal price with account of shopping cart rules and price types.

- Fixed issue handling barcode scanner in the product inventory documents.

Shopping Cart


- Fixed issue with adding product to a cart.

Search Engine Optimization


- Minor changes.



- Fixed error when getting a list of selected grid items.

- Fixed UI issue when painting the group action bar for complex actions in the main.ui.grid.