The Bitrix24 Change Log

Mudanças, correções e novidades aplicadas no Bitrix24 (em Inglês)


O perfil de usuário da rede Bitrix24 ganhou um upgrade...ficou mais fácil entrar em outras contas de Bitrix24, se você tem várias, usando o mesmo login...e outras coisinhas úteis.


Polls and Surveys 


- Control Panel and public user interface updated. 

- Other minor issues fixed. 



- Now supports switching list of employees view from public to grid. 

- Fixed minor issues in user profile. 

Social Network 


- Now supports switching list of employees view from public to grid. 

- Other minor issues fixed. 



- Now supports switching list of employees view from public to grid. 



- CRM entity selector issues fixed. 


- Attention! Starting from this update, the option "Use slider in CRM records for viewing and editing" is activated by default (Settings->Other->Other Settings). 

- "Sales Intelligence" field is now processed when restoring a lead, contact, company and deal from recycle bin. 

- Now supporting the search by task name in timeline filter. 

- Now a workflow can be started when converting lead into existing company or contact. 

- Now deal pipeline stages can be showed in a deal pop-up window. 

- Now the "Source" field revision history can be registered in deals. 

- Now product properties are checked before created. 

- Now failed leads can be switched to repeat leads. 

- Now products binded to deals, invoices, quotes, leads cannot be deleted (option blocked at the API level). 

- Now the field "Converted" in lead filter is renamed to "Closed". 

- Now the contact filter searches the "Company name" field in all binded companies. 

- Kanban: Added option to configure fields of slider panel and quick form. 

- Kanban: other minor issues fixed. 

- Fixed issue processing the default values of "Yes/No" fields in the page details editor. 

- Fixed issue rounding up total amount in the page details editor for "Products" block. 

- Fixed issue filtering by today’s activities in the deal list. 

- Fixed vertical scrolling issue found in certain conditions when opening slider panel. 

- Fixed issue incorrectly showing list of leads when sorting by an address. 

- Fixed excessive encoding for total amounts in the "Sales Funnel" report. 

- Fixed issue checking fields "Contact" and "Company" when importing deals. 

- Fixed issue searching leads, deals and companies by names consisting of numeric symbols. 

- Fixed issue importing the "File" multiple value fields. 

- REST API: fixed missing field STORAGE_ELEMENT_IDS in the method crm.activity.list. 

- REST API: added fields DATE_CREATE, TIMESTAMP_X, CREATED_BY and MODIFIED_BY for products. 

- Now the ui.selector control is used for CRM entity selectors. 

- Fixed incorrect calculating invoice totals in deal slider panel. 

- Fixed issue losing product section when updating via import. 

- Fixed issue failing to include currency in report filter with "not equal" selection for the "money" custom field. 

- Reduced memory consumption in the product select dialog and the product list. 

- CRM entities: quotes now have fields of binded contacts. 

- CRM entities: invoice now have fields of initial new deal. 

- CRM entities: added option to insert the "Binding to the CRM entities" multiple value custom fields. 

- Added "Sales Tunnels" in CRM deals. 

Email Marketing 

- When viewing the mailing time page, the time in the user's time zone is now displayed.
- The handling of situations with incorrect message content has been done.



- Fixed issue duplicating intermodule dependencies. 


- Now supports grid view for list of employees in public section. 

- Other minor issues fixed. 

- Fixed issue editing «Yes/No» value in the Control Panel lists. 


- Minor fixes and improvements. 


- Now the Control Panel user profile shows phone number for registration. 

- Fixed issue sending email with attachments (multipart/related). 

- Fixed issue defining browser in JS library. 

- Fixed several issues in mail events. 

- Fixed issues found in numertor. 

- Minor UI issues fixed. 

- Other minor improvements.